A rare issue has come to our attention.

Sometimes the servo circuits of Slipsik can become stuck

when it’s powering up. To ensure that the servo circuits

are operating normally, please follow these steps:

1. Leave your Slipsik permanently powered on. It

comsumes less than 5 Watts, so it’s not expensive.

2. Before powering up your Slipsik, connect it to your

turntable and your amplifier. Have the system

powered up and set the volume to a low or moderate


3. Connect Slipsik to the mains power. Then unplug it

and wait for three seconds. You will hear a slight

“PLOP” in the speakers as Slipsik powers down.

Now reconnect your Slipsik to the mains power.

This will ensure that the servo circuits operate normally.

When they don’t, the sound of your Slipsik will be

compressed and distorted.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.