Building the best HiFi is like building a musical instrument.

Every detail matters. And while a lot of companies like to claim they pay attention to detail, we mean it in an extreme way. Because the secret behind making fantastic machines – and the secret behind making wonderfully musical systems – is to optimise as many details as possible. Quality doesn’t depend on any single technology with a catchy name, as clever marketers want you to believe. Quality is the sum of many perfected details. Here a certain amount of obsession helps. We don’t say ‘Good Enough’ at Lejonklou HiFi. We ask ‘How do we improve it?’ And we keep asking.

A unique aspect of HiFi is that it’s created in a space where Art meets Science. For as long as I can remember, I have been in love with music. It filled every room of my childhood, from the Western classical symphonies and operas played in my parent’s Norweigan fjord cottage, to the heavy metal of my brother’s basement hideout, my sister’s pop and disco tunes in her room full of movie star posters, my mother’s improvisations on the accordion and the lingering words of the Swedish troubadours which helped my father,¬†sitting by the fireplace after a long day of work, contemplate life.

I fell in love with electronics at the age of 12. It was Christmas, and Pink Floyd had just released The Wall. My family was visiting friends and I was going with them. During this visit, the son of the family was playing the double vinyl album on his father’s HiFi system while he explained to me the fundamentals of active electronic components. After a while I understood that the circuits he was showing me constituted the foundation of the technology that allowed the tunes of Pink Floyd magically appear to us in his room. For me, this was a moment of revelation. And I decided, then and there, that I would one day be the master of those circuits.

When my first commercial product was released in 2005 – the phono stage Hudik – I had decided to turn these two passions of mine, Music and Electronics, into my job and commitment. The mission became to develop products that would make me and other lovers of music have a more intense experience. I don’t make “bling” – my design is functional. I don’t make machines that favour any particular kind of music. And I don’t really care whether it sounds “correct” – I care about how it feels. I want to be moved. Touched. It’s all about the thrill.

As I want as many as possible to experience the joy that a really good HiFi brings, our products are not priced according to the idea of maximising profit. Instead, our prices are related to the cost of development and manufacturing. I also believe in upgrading older products to the latest specification, whenever possible. My firm conviction is that an exceptional product should be taken care of and benefit from all the progress being made, instead of becoming obsolete and ending up on the dump. We keep track of each unit’s exact version and history. Such information is shared on request.

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Uppsala in February 2015,

Fredrik Lejonklou