When adding a subwoofer to a system with a Boazu integrated amplifier, the subwoofer needs to have high level inputs. It’s not possible to connect a subwoofer in any other way.

When connecting the high level inputs to the speaker outputs of Boazu, it is vitally important to use the following scheme, or fatal damage can occur to both your sub and Boazu:

The wire (often blue or black) that is ‘Left –‘ should go to Left Red (+) on Boazu
The wire (often yellow) that is ‘Left +‘ should go to Left Black (-) on Boazu
The wire (often red )that is ‘Right +‘ should go to Right Black (-) on Boazu

The subwoofer should then be set to phase inverted.


If you have any question regarding the above, please don’t hesitate to contact us, either by email, phone or through our user forum.