A few hints about power cords for a more musical sound:

  1. The phase of your power cords. In some areas of the world, power cords have reversible plugs. If you want your Lejonklou units to perform best, make sure your plugs are oriented the right way:When looking into the connector, the hole to the right should be “Live”. The safest way to check this is with a device called a phase checker. You can also measure the AC voltage against ground (middle hole) with a multimeter, but please note the risk of an electric shock!
  2. If your power cords differ in quality (sometimes even identical looking cables can sound a bit different), always put the best cords on the first components in the audio “chain”, Sources like turntables and digital players are most important, then pre amplifier and last power amplifiers.

    3. Always use power strips with ground, even if your mains outlet in the wall isn’t grounded. The joining of the chassis grounds, through the power cords and the strip, is important in itself.

    4. The order in which your power cords are connected to the power strip matters. Closest to where the mains power enters the strip, connect your pre amplifier. After that, the sources (turntable, digital player, etc.)

  3. Last in the strip you connect power amplifiers.

    5. Don’t bunch up, pinch or squeeze any cables. Don’t put them into tubes. Let them lie and hang freely. If possible, try to keep power cords and signal level interconnects slightly separated behind the system. Or at least not running very close and parallel to one another.

    6. The plastic sleeve on most power cords gets slightly stiff with time. If you soften the cord by carefully rolling and bending it with your hands until the stiffness is removed, it will sound better.