Cables, power cords and power strips

At Lejonklou we don’t release anything until we are completely satisfied with it. And we don’t release a product until we feel it’s superior to what other companies have to offer. Our primary goal is not to make money, but to make good music.

When building a fantastic system, one needs to optimise as many details as possible. This includes the cables needed to connect the system. We used to make our own power cords, but when we found a better standard cord, we started supplying that instead. Please keep and use the power cords that were supplied with your Lejonklou products! And never cut them down in length or modify them in any way. For some advice on how to best connect your power cords, see the document A Few Hints about Power Cords.

We make speaker cables on order, from parts made by other companies. By multiple trial and error during more than a decade, we have found the optimal length, direction, assembly method, solder wire, flux and exact soldering temperature for assembling this cable. The result is outstanding and we dare to claim that nobody makes better speaker cables than we do. For several years we have tried manufacturing our own parts for these cables. But so far we have not been able to improve upon the ones we’re already using.

We recommend the analogue interconnects, digital cables, network cables, power strips etc. that we have found to be the best. Many of our recommendations originate from enthusiasts who post their findings on our forum. We don’t supply any interconnects with our products, you have to buy them separately. Although we have spent a lot of time on the project, we have so far not managed to make an interconnect that outperforms everything else. When we do, we’ll let you know.

In the world of HiFi, a special warning is necessary when it comes to the cable business:

99% of it is greed and lies. Terrible products sold by clever marketing people who don’t care about music.

But cables do matter and facts exist. In the document About Cables I mention some that I have found.