Which App ? (Streaming + Local)

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Re: Which App ? (Streaming + Local)

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Zee9 wrote: 2024-04-07 14:19 I’m mainly a Linn streamer but am very strongly considering the kalla. I have a bunch of music that’s not on Spotify or Qobuz that I access via minimserver. & the Linn app. The music is on a HD that’s connected to a Mac mini running minim server.

I’m curious how I would access the music via a kalla. Downloading the files to my iPhone locally is unfortunately not an option.
Hi Zee9!

The answers you seek are in the posts above. It's really simple: Keep your minim server and access the files with the app of your choice, like MConnect HD that Lio recommends. I used to use foobar2000, which sounds exactly the same but I suspect the interface of MConnect HD is nicer.
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Re: Which App ? (Streaming + Local)

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Thanks Fredrick
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