Linn Trikan for Sale - £175

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Linn Trikan for Sale - £175

Post by GS Red » 2019-04-30 15:45

Linn Trikan centre speaker for sale. It is perfect condition with no blemishes. It has an American Cherry finish. It was lightly used as part of a home cinema system, but has not been used for a while, because a smaller AV unit was purchased. They are now becoming hard to find, especially in the condition of this example. It can be collected from CA11, but can be posted if necessary, at cost. It is quite large, but has an inner and outer box for safety and to protect the contents. I am trying to copy some pictures, but with some difficulty at the moment, as the system says they are too large. I will try again later.

It is described by Linn as follows: -

The Linn Trikan Loudspeaker is an attractive and
compact, high performance, infinite baffle loudspeaker
designed primarily for centre channel applications.
Offering pitch accurate sound quality and substantial
power handling, the Linn Trikan Loudspeaker
complements the appearance of the Linn Katan
and Linn Ninka Loudspeakers and is voice matched
to them for seamless integration in surround sound
The Trikan can easily be configured as a passive or
aktiv loudspeaker. Two removable, reversible link
connection boards (patent pending) on the rear of
the Trikan, automatically identify and configure the
appropriate input links for passive or aktiv playback
requirements. The link aktiv connection boards enable
the Trikan to be easily and quickly configured
either as a single-wired or bi-wired passive
loudspeaker, or as a bi-amplified aktiv loudspeaker.
The Trikan offers superior and accurate centre channel
reproduction with Linn or other high performance
multi-channel application systems. The Trikan may
be positioned above or below a television and wall
mounted brackets are available to make the Trikan
loudspeaker even more versatile in centre channel and
multichannel applications.

The key specifications are: -

Type 2 way infinite baffle loudspeaker
❙ Volume 9.5 litres
❙ Frequency response passive 75Hz-20KHz +/- 3dB
❙ Frequency response active 60Hz –20KHz +/- 3dB
❙ Input impedance passive 4 ohms
❙ Input impedance active 6 ohms treble, 4 ohms bass
❙ Efficiency 91dB for 1W at 1m at 1KHz
❙ Crossover options Treble level can be reduced by 1dB on the
crossover board
❙ Wiring options Single wiring, bi-wiring, bi-amplification
passive and bi-amplification aktiv
❙ Minimum amplifier power 30W 8 ohms, 60W 4 ohms
❙ Drive units 19mm treble, neodymium magnet, fully screened
2 x 130mm bass/mid, cast chassis, fully screened
❙ Dimensions H 540mm x W 170mm x D 230mm
H 21.2 inches x W 6.7 inches x D 9 inches
❙ Weight 11kg / 24.25lbs

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Re: Linn Trikan for Sale - £175

Post by Hugh » 2019-08-16 09:32

I’m very interested. Have you sold it yet?

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Re: Linn Trikan for Sale - £175

Post by GS Red » 2019-08-24 23:28

Hello Hugh,

Sorry for not replying before now. Have been on holiday. Trikan is still for sale.



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Re: Linn Trikan for Sale - £175

Post by GS Red » 2019-11-12 12:35

Now sold