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FOR SALE: Linn C2200 power amps, 212/242 3k aktiv cards (UK only)

Posted: 2024-02-02 18:03
by jpatrick
I have Chakra 2200 power amplifier for sale. This has the same circuit design as the Akurate 2200 which replaced it, but an old style case similar to the Majik range's. This one has the standard Chakra power supply, as it has not been upgraded to Dynamik. It will be supplied in a Linn Akurate Kontrol cardboard box. It is fully working and in good cosmetic condition. I'm selling this as I need an extra channel upgrading from akitv 109s to aktiv 212s, so I have purchased a C4200 to replace it.
Price £649 plus shipping at £19 (UPS).

Next, a set of chakra atktiv cards for a 212 or 242 mark one 3k array (6 mono cards, 2 each of CHATKT1, CHAKT2 and CHAKT3). These will allow you to take 212 or 242s partially aktiv. Supplied boxed with screws, connectors and paperwork. Excellent condition. 2nd picture below.
Price £219 plus £8 for Royal Mail Special Delivery.

Majik 109 Aktiv cards now sold on Ebay

I have a full set of 6 mono chakra aktiv cards for Makik 109s available (CHAKT74, 75 and 76). These are fully working with screws and stand offs (no original boxes) - third picture.
Price £219 plus £8 for Royal Mail Special Delivery.

Makik 109s below also now sold on Ebay:
I have a pair of Majik 109 speakers in Cherry for sale due to upgrade to 212s. These have been used in my home office system.

Price: £519
These have just been discontinued by Linn, but the new price was £1500.

The condition is used and generally excellent though there is a chip in the veneer on the side front left edge of one speaker (see pictures). The drive units are in excellent condition. They were purchased from Kantata Audio in 2017. They are complete with 4 x unused Linn banana plugs, 4 x terminal plates (for passive use), 2 x 2k array plastic shipping protectors, plus paperwork. The crossovers are currently configured in Aktiv mode, but on request I can change over to passive before sale.

I have the original Linn packaging, but collection from near Crewe, UK (M6 junction 16) is welcome. If you require them to be shipped, the cost via UPS would be £23 including insurance.


The items are also listed on Ebay. My username there is jeremyabingdon should you wish to review my feedback or look at pictures of all the items.

Re: FOR SALE: Linn Majik 109, Majik 109 aktiv cards, 212/242 3k aktiv cards, C2200 power amp (UK only)

Posted: 2024-02-20 18:28
by jpatrick
Prices now reduced and 212 / 242 aktiv cards added to listing.

Re: FOR SALE: Linn C2200 power amp, Majik 109 aktiv cards, 212/242 3k aktiv cards (UK only)

Posted: 2024-03-31 21:03
by Hi-Fly
Do you still have the Majik 109 mono cards? Would I need a Majik 6100 to plug these cards into to make my 109s Aktiv (inc internal speaker changes)?

Re: FOR SALE: Linn C2200 power amp, Majik 109 aktiv cards, 212/242 3k aktiv cards (UK only)

Posted: 2024-04-02 21:37
by jpatrick
Yes I still have the 109 aktiv cards. You’d need 6 channels of amplification for these, so either a single 6100 or a combination of 2, 3 or 4 channel chakra amps.
You would need to convert your 109s to Aktiv mode (I can give some guidance on this process if needed but it’s pretty straightforward).