KLIMAX / EXAKT - fire sale

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KLIMAX / EXAKT - fire sale

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Hi all, I have just taken in 3 very well looked after systems in part exchange so quite a lot of Linn equipment up for sale. As ever, there is no margin in these, just moving them on at what they cost us. Full dealer facilities apply.

Please email direct with any questions. Thank you.

Linn Klimax DS/3 (black, 2015, upgraded 2016) £7500
Linn Akurate DS/3 (black, 2018, upgraded 2018) £3750
Linn Klimax EXAKT DSM 1.3 (silver) £3495
Linn Klimax EXAKTBOX Katalyst (silver, x2 available) £5500 each
Linn Klimax Solo Dynamik (silver, x4 pairs available) £8495 each
Linn Klimax 350P (mint, with links, bass cards) £7500

Everything is boxed and scratch/blemish free.

From one of these systems also comes a large array of Nordost cables which worked very well, including low profile IEC power cords suitable for Klimax casing. See my website for full details.
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