It really ties the room together

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Re: It really ties the room together

Post by markiteight » 2019-04-20 04:04

Great feedback, everybody! I have to say I agree with all the comments, even the contradictory ones. It's a bit of a conundrum, but then...
andy2 wrote:
2019-04-19 10:39
What type of interconnects are you sporting there?
Is everything kosher at that end?
A very good question, a2! I was using all blacks. Here it is again with silvers between Linto and Exotik: ... 0.MOV?dl=0
Charlie1 wrote:
2019-04-19 08:22
How are you currently connecting the Linto to Nait? I am not sure this is the level playing field I was hoping to hear. Agree with beck and this set of clips sound really good though.
Currently the only thing I have that's Nait compatible is a sketchy looking thing that came with it:
I agree this probably tilts the playing field in Linn's favor. Furthermore I discovered last night that the retaining bolt for the Nait's transformer is completely loose and the transformer is flopping around. I think it's time to sort the cables and torques before any conclusions are made.
Charlie1 wrote:
2019-04-19 08:22
I have not tried purpose built RCA-to-Phono leads - I think Chord make them. I use a Urika and don't have a jig so it's difficult for me to access the Urika and swap cables around. I also thought that source first might rule and therefor Silvers+adaptor would be better than a less tuneful purpose built cable.

Somewhat related, the Nait 3 has both Din and RCA connectors so I was able to compare my Silver ICs straight into the amp vs Silvers+Adaptor into the amp. The RCA inputs sounded clearer but there was something I liked about the Din input despite having to use an adaptor. I did clips for a couple of members and one also felt that the RCA input was worst. I suppose this just shows that the adaptor isn't the end of the world and not degrading the signal too much.
Interesting! That convinces me it's worth a punt. Trouble is it's apparently not available in the U.S. so I'll have to do some searching.

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Re: It really ties the room together

Post by Charlie1 » 2019-04-20 08:43

Happy to order and send you one. Just pm me. Can’t guarantee it’s better then your existing rca to din cable though.

Just had a listen to black vs silver and preferred the blacks.

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