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Luigi's system

Post by luigip » 2016-10-04 20:19

Hi, a few words to introduce myself and my system. I was introduced to this forum by Paolo, my Linn dealer (Rome based) .
My present system is composed of a Linn LP12 Klimax, recent upgrade from my previous configuration (Linn circus + Lingo+ Ekos+ Spectral MCR signature MkII+Counterpoint SA2 Pre-pre). That was an incredible step up. While I love the vynyl best, I still enjoyed sometimes listening to my CD player, an old but very reputable Radford Woodside MkII, with a great analogue sounding, but no competition at all with the LP12 (even with my previous configuration).
After some audition of the Klimax DS/2 in my home (thanks to Paolo) I jumped into that as well, now I am enjoying the best of the two worlds (though I may consider to take the last mile and upgrade to DS/3, let's see.. ;).
Pre and amps are all tubes.
The pre is an Audible Illusions Mod3, that feeds 4 mono blocks of Kebschull 35/70, driving Totem one loudspeaker in bi-amp configuration. Signal cables are ART Synapsis and Kimber cable KCTG, loudspeakers fed by ART Monolith. I upgraded several components of the pre and amp with top level equivalents (fast recovery diodes, Mundorf, Audio Note, Black Gate caps,..). I spend some time auditioning various brands of caps in critical path of the circuit, picking up the best to my ears. (thanks here to my audio component store that lent me various top level capacitors for trial).


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