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Re: Tony Tune-age System

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Tony Tune-age wrote: 2022-01-13 18:54 Good afternoon V.A.MKD,

I always thought the Micro-Acoustic cartridge (i.e., 2002-e)sounded really good, and it was one of the better sounding moving magnets too. Unfortunately, I never heard a Micro-Acoustic cartridge on a Linn tonearm (or Linn turntable).

By the way, what tonearm and turntable did you use with the Micro-Acoustic?

Hi Tony,

I use Systemdek and Kuzma and my friend after listening it in Systemdek he by it and use it in Sansui 222 belt drive TT, as well good result.
MA was the best in Systemdek, than in Sansui and worst in Kuzma. Reason is most probably with combination Tonearm - Cartridge = Resonance frequency.
Kuzma Stogi is high mass tonearm = not good for High compliance MM cartridges as is MA. Kuzma was the best of all 3 TT, but not good with MM MA, it need higher mass MC to be at it own and in that case it was and still is excellent TT and have good musicality ...
I was really happy with MA. Good set-up of MM is still my "Achilles Heel", it give (or let) to classical music something ...
One question, did you have opportunity to compare MA with Linn MM cartridges?

All the best,
Music First ...
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