Upgrading of Klimax Renew DS

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Upgrading of Klimax Renew DS

Post by crondani » 2019-03-03 20:26

I thought I would share an upgrade path for Klimax Renew DS owners.
I bought a KDS/2 (board only) from a forum member non knowing if my current board in my KDS Renew could be swapped out with another one.
There were some rumours that the board were somehow linked to the power supply of the remote receiver unit.
However, after modifying the casing of my Klimax Renew DS/0 to accept the DS/2 board the unit worked perfectly including the remote receiver.
Care must be taken when swapping out the boards however as there are some additional earth points on the DS/2 board. I installed some jumpers to ensure all earth point are indeed connected to earth.
There may be some more members who did not order a renew with their KDS upgrade and simply got the old board back?
This may provide a cost effective upgrade for renew owners.

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Re: Upgrading of Klimax Renew DS

Post by Defender » 2019-03-03 20:45

hi crondani,

that is great news as that means it would be even possible to build your own renew if you can source a board and buy an Dynamic power supply and build your own casing.
Hower that might only works with some dealers and if its a dealer possible upgrade. You would never get the board back if your unit goes to Linn and even dealers have to trash the board.

thank you!

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Re: Upgrading of Klimax Renew DS

Post by ThomasOK » 2019-03-06 01:02

There is supposed to be some kind of code in the Renew display that knows the serial number of the board. I haven't verified it but I was told that if the codes don't match up you won't be able to do future firmware updates. I do know that Linn are pretty picky about this. A customer sent in a KDS for Katalyst upgrade but first swapped the KDS/1 board into a KRDS/0. When Linn got the KDS they said it had the wrong board and they wouldn't upgrade it unless it had the matching board inside it. They also refuse to send the customer board back unless it is in a Renew case.
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