Rip it up & start again - recommendations?

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Rip it up & start again - recommendations?

Post by tokenbrit » 2019-08-20 23:43

Old setup:
Old, old Win XP desktop & iTunes to ReadyNAS Duo (HDDs) over CIFS; copy to 'new Debian LS-NAS' (Ext4 SSD) over NFS

Options for new setup:
1. old WIn desktop & iTunes to 'new Debian LS-NAS' over CIFS - NAS library SSD* (re)formatted to NTFS
2a. new Debian desktop reconfigured to allow Win7 or Win 10 boot - iTunes rip to new NAS (NTFS SSD) over CIFS
2b. new Debian desktop & Linux ripping solution (tbd) - rip to new NAS (Ext4 SSD) over NFS
3. reconfigure new NAS with optical drive from Debian desktop & Win boot to rip straight to NTFS library disk
(optional extra step) copy from NTFS 'archive master' SSD to Ext4 'library share' SSD

iTunes has been best ripping software tried so far... I have no experience with Linux based ripping software. Has anyone tried ripping on Linux/Debian?

Old rips copied via NFS from ReadyNAS to new NAS (Ext4 SSD) sound really good, but I'd like to / need to update my ripping setup. Preference would be to keep the NAS setup as is, with SSDs formatted to Ext4, and find a desktop ripping solution, but preferred use of iTunes for ripping suggests I will need reformat a NAS SSD to NTFS...

Any thoughts & recommendations between above options, or others I haven't considered, gratefully received. I'm particularly interested in any experiences between rip from desktop to NAS vs 'direct' rip internally within NAS.

* Intel 320, 600Gb - 2 available

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