Majik 109 Modification

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Re: Majik 109 Modification

Post by Ferdydurke » 2019-03-13 12:26

and I have not liked the softer things like sorbothane
That matches my impressions. With spikes on a heavy sideboard (when it's impossible, to place them on stands...) these little speakers do a big leap forward. By the way, I had best results using "Soundcare Superspikes" from Norway, the most easy to use spikes, you can think of; they are so simple, so unimpressively plain and unpretensiously built, child-safe and, yes, cheap, that they probably fly beneath the radar of high brow audiophiles... ;-)

The spanish distributor for SEAS told me, that, finally!, the W15LY will be back in stock in a couple of days, so the modification can start soon. On this occasion I'd like to ask again, wether there are other areas of improvement like inner cabling or damping, that should be taken in consideration?


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Re: Majik 109 Modification

Post by acaro » 2019-05-20 00:32

Did you ever end up doing the mod?

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