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Is there a musical bluray-player? Replacing the Oppo BDP-105.

Posted: 2019-10-31 16:11
by Whatsmynaim
I'm new here but is a longtime lurker.

I own an Oppo BDP-105 and setting it up correctly will only get you so far, and it always got that super detailed overanalytical sound from the expensive DAC.

I'm thinking of replacing it with the cheaper BDP-103 model since people say it's the better one in tunedem.

So I'm asking you guys, should I go for it, or does anybody know a better bluray-player I can get instead to connect to my Boazu? Also it would be nice if it can play many types of files via USB.

Thanks. I’m looking forward to your reply.

Re: Is there a musical bluray-player? Replacing the Oppo BDP-105.

Posted: 2019-11-01 22:23
by Music Lover
Owned a Oppo 105, and it's quite good. BUT you need to adjust ALL settings correctly by using tune dem.
Took some time...

Some of the stuff you should check befor getting into details.

- Audio Processing: Front Left/Right and NOT Down-mixed Stereo
- And set Dynamic Range Control to OFF
- Front Left och Front Right should be large

Re: Is there a musical bluray-player? Replacing the Oppo BDP-105.

Posted: 2019-11-08 21:12
by Whatsmynaim
Thanks for the input!

I have already tried the ones you mention and I agree with setting the Audio Processing to Front Left/Right.
Since it's a mess without it, though changing the Dynamic Range Control to OFF never sounded right to me.
The Speaker Configuration has always been set to Stereo instead of 7.1 since it's used in a stereo only system so that might already bypass the DRC!? EDIT: Never mind.. DRC OFF is better.

Feel free to post the rest of the settings if you want, (changing settings is always cheaper than buying a new player)
or tell what you got instead of the Oppo for playing bluray/dvd.

Thanks again.

Re: Is there a musical bluray-player? Replacing the Oppo BDP-105.

Posted: 2020-06-10 01:06
by Whatsmynaim
Hi guys!

For anyone who still cares about the Oppo BDP-105. This is a combination of settings for the best picture and sound.
Make sure you're using the dedicated Stereo Audio Outputs. Also use the HDMI 1 output to the TV/Projector.
Don't connect anything to HDMI 2 because for some reason it makes the sound worse?!

First under Device Setup go to the Persistent Storage, chose Erase Persistent Storage and OK.
Then go to Reset Factory Defaults and chose Erase Accounts and Setting.
When done enter the settings below:

Video Setup/Picture Adjustment
I know you're using the HDMI 1 out, but go to the HDMI 2 settings anyway and move Sharpness to +1 and then back to 0.
This fixes a bug (or whatever it is) with forced noise reduction on 1080p blu-ray!

Audio Processing
Dynamic Range Control: Off
Stereo Signal: Front Left/Right
/Speaker Configuration
Down Mix: Stereo (For best 2 channel sound.)

Device Setup
Front Panel Brightness: Off

Exit the settings and turn the player off for the settings to save.
Wait about 30 seconds, turn it back on again and it's ready for use.

If you agree with the results or not, comment and let me know.