The proof is in the listening

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The proof is in the listening

Post by beck » 2019-09-20 10:07

How I hate this term sometimes and still we can in the end only listen and adjust accordingly to get music out of our systems.


Because the systems we use to listen to music are flawed in their construction. No system is perfect.

We are “bending” the sound from our systems towards the sound of the music we love and know from real life.

Take the anti skate discussion: Soundsmith may have a good point for what they claim to be the best way to set up the anti skate force. It might be the best way to get the finest details out of the groove.
But taking things too far can reveal problems with the way a turntable reads the groove. Maybe we will get further away from the feeling of music because of the flaws in the design being laid bare for the listener to hear.

That is why we always have to use our own ears in the end even if it is harder to do than to follow a specific guideline.

That is why the “playground” is useful. The end result is all that matters. Does it sound like music or more like a construction of sound.

We are always listening for the compromise that gets us the closest to real music.

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