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Linn Skeets experience

Posted: 2019-05-19 11:56
by Defender
I would like to share an experience I made with Linn Skeets.

Actually its a little bit more than that. I would like to give compliments to Fredrick about his work and dedication.
I have the pleasure that Fredrick was producing a split K400 of the special length which also made it possible to not have to use jumpers between the bass and tweeter drivers anymore. Its really high quality work and you see and experience Fredricks love for music and interest to help his customers as well as people who are not his customers so far.

Fredrick was sure I should hear the difference of the cables right away even put in fresh into my system without burn in .... which I didnt.
Now the cables have over 300hours on them and I have to say somethere around 200hours it almost felt like a switch was turned. Interestingly it turned out those cables improved my system in tune but also in hifi terms.

I could have been happy but as probably most of us think if something else can even slightly more improve the system we should try it.
So I ended up trying Linn Skeets. My loudspeakers are placed on a wooden floor (about 5mm wood panels, 1mm footfall or impact sound insolation, 50mm skreed floor) so they should work as meant to be as they are supposed to be used on wooden floor.

I have used my loudspeakers on spikes without the skeets before but was not happy with the outcome.

Its not that easy to put the loudspeakers on spikes and skeets as long you are alone and don't want to damage the loudspeakers, the floor or the skeets while you lift a weight of 63kg. ;)

So I finally managed it - leveled both speakers out so they have been leveled as never before.
Adjusted the loudspeakers back to the positions they have been in before.
Turned the music on and it sounded ... awful.
Thought the loudspeakers/spikes need to settle into the skeets or I need to give myself time to realize how good it actually sounds with skeets. But after 48hours continuous music on the loudspeakers I decided to change back to without skeets and without spikes.

Not sure what it was but the music sounded unstructured, confusing and harsh with Skeets.

As my experience with Linn Skeets seem to be absolutely opposite to what most in this Forum achieve with them I am open for advice. I have some ideas but wouldn’t like to influence possible answers.

Re: Linn Skeets experience

Posted: 2019-05-20 15:37
by donuk
Try putting the spikes back, using the Skeets, and putting a small blob of bluetak under each Skeet.

Re: Linn Skeets experience

Posted: 2019-05-20 22:44
by lejonklou
Interesting and surprising outcome, Defender!

That it sounded "awful" makes me suspect there's something rattling in the setup. Two questions:

1. If you turn each Skeet with thumb and index finger, you can judge whether the weight is equally distributed on all four of them. Are they?

2. Did you tighten the nuts securing the spikes? If either the nut or the spike is rattling, it has a surprisingly big impact on the music. They only need a light to moderate force when tightening, nothing excessive.

You could try things below the Skeets, like a thin piece of cotton cloth or felt or bluetac, as Donuk suggested. I have so far not been successful with such experiments, usually finding that when speakers are level, weight evenly distributed, no rocking and nuts tightened, naked Skeets sound best.

If all spike/Skeet experiments fail, just accept it. Some loudspeaker designs don't seem to work with spikes.

Re: Linn Skeets experience

Posted: 2019-05-22 06:38
by Defender
thank you for the advice
I was also thinking that the next step would be to try something like felt between the skeets and the wood floor
But al the rest like tightening the nuts and making sure all Skeets get the same weight with trying to turn them
have been tried initially.
Another idea is to set the loudspeakers up on only 3 spikes per loudspeaker making weight distribution automatically more even (tripod concept). My loudspeakers can be set up with 3 spikes and 4 spikes.

With the next try I am going to make recordings to share with you.

I also had the Idea that with skeets the loudspeakers might have a different ideal position (to the wall and distance between loudspeakers).

But again your cables are a nice improvement - thank you again.