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Posted: 2019-02-13 03:31
by bonzo
Suffice it to say, the majority of my time spent here is reading not posting. Recently I haven’t been Loving the music I was hearing through current setup with vinyl as a source. I had my sub in between my 242s (a prior experiment with poor results and lack of execution of the placement/ tune method process). So after reading some great posts (some a year or more old, a thread really caught my interest. It was a new member describing his understanding of the tune method but also with his frustration in its actual application. After the numerous responses to this new member, my attention was completed grabbed. Just the positive words of encouragement and well thought out responses and suggestions I was motivated! I set time to “get it right this time”. I turned off my Rel and disconnected it and moved to outside of right speaker. I also moved my speakers from 80” apart to 72.128”. I also removed all toe in which was previously fairly significant (outside corner of speaker .75” further from rear wall than inside corner). I ended up with my 242s almost 3 inches closer to rear wall. This was one of those grinning moments as much as it was one of frustration (with no one other than myself). The improvement was one of almost a source level upgrade (or upgrading to my current amps). I know the topic of “clearer lyrics equaling improved tune” was discussed at length previously. So I’m a big Tool fan and I Really understood lyrics that I Never could before. I enjoyed songs that I usually prefer to skip or lower the volume to. Bottom line is the smile that the music put on my face, that this gear and hobby Should, had been gone for so long I hadn’t realized. Well I’m so grateful for everyone’s genuine, helpful and thoughtful posts. Oh by the way.. my Rel B1 sub is still disconnected and in another room. Man I alive this hobby!! As always thanks for your time. Perhaps this post could have a fraction of the positive impact as the ones I’ve read did for me. Happy listening!

Re: Old topics new results

Posted: 2019-02-13 13:58
by lejonklou
Fantastic bonzo! I became so happy reading this.

It can be a real challenge fine tuning your own system, but sometimes good advice and inspiration help you find the magic spots.

Re: Old topics new results

Posted: 2019-02-13 18:44
by ThomasOK
Glad to hear your system is making you happy again. That is what it is all about. Now maybe you can stop thinking about 6 figure speakers! ;-)

I do find this forum is more helpful and more polite, with less of the useless bickering so common in forums and the online world in general. I am glad to be a member here and it is the only forum where I read every post.