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Re: Absolute Bargains!

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I agree with Fredrik. IME a record cleaning machine must be able to very thoroughly extract every last bit of cleaning solution from the surface or the record will sound worse. That thorough extraction requires extremely effective suction, and only the wand type machines (Keith Monks and Loricraft) provide sufficient suction power. But even the best machines still require a certain technique to make sure the record is actually clean, and even then the results are inconsistent. I've been experimenting a lot with my Loricraft and the 4 step Audio Intelligent cleaning system and I can successfully reduce the background noise and some ticks/pops of very old/dirty records without affecting the music, but new records almost always sound worse after cleaning.

I have little confidence in the Spin-Clean's ability to preserve the musicality of a record as it has zero facilities for extracting whatever liquids were used during the cleaning process other than relying on the user to wipe the record surface with a towel, which is an ineffective method of extraction. Still...you never know! There is a non-zero chance that it works, in which case it could be considered the bargain of the century and its presence on this list more than welcome. But until it has proven its worth I would hesitate to include it here.
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Re: Absolute Bargains!

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lejonklou wrote: 2021-07-05 23:28 I must admit that I'm very skeptical of all record cleaning machines. I find they don't clean the records very well and tend to alter the sound in a politer and boring way, essentially decreasing dynamics.

I stick to the old Linn advice of letting the stylus clean the record and then clean the stylus (for which I use silly putty and green paper).
Most of the opinions of Fredrik I can agree or they convince me after following Lejonklou advices.
But my experience with my new ultrasone Vinyl Cleaning Machine, developed by a friend, is different from Fredriks’. Recently cleaned The Doors Debut album and its followup from the sixties, the dusty sound has gone and the deliverance is as I never experienced before, connected and thrilling. As with many other vintage early pressings.
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