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On this forum, we evaluate the quality of music reproduction with a comparative listening method called the Tune Method. The advantage of every contributing member using the same method is that it allows us to collect and share information that is valid to everyone. For instance, a recommendation in the "Absolute bargain" thread becomes much more than a random subjective opinion. On this forum it's a highly valued tip of equipment capable of involving the listener in the music being played.

If you do not agree with the validity of the Tune Method OR regard a different method of evaluation as more important or valid, this forum is NOT for you.

If you would like to know more about the Tune Method, look here: ... Method.pdf

When using the Tune Method, certain patterns and rules will become evident. Please check that you agree with the following statements:
  • To maximise the quality of music reproduction, the order of importance is (from most to least): The performance of the artist, the recording, the record/CD/file, the source component that replays the record/CD/file, the preamplifier, the power amplifier and the loudspeaker (least important). We often refer to this order of importance as Source First or The Hierarchy.
  • When building a turntable from parts, there is a strict hierarchy to observe. Most important is the turntable mechanics, then follows the motor and motor controller, the arm and the cartridge (least important).
  • The correlation between price and performance when it comes to HiFi, home cinema and car stereo equipment is very weak. 'Performance' here refers to the ability to accurately reproduce a tune or melody.
In addition to the above, please observe that the following is not allowed:
  • Rude language or offensive material,
  • Off-topic chatting or spam,
  • Unnecessary negativity (such as "I don't believe in that and have no intention of finding out for myself"),
  • Unscientific comments like "that's impossible according to my knowledge of physics/human hearing" or "measurements prove that this solution is better", and
  • Any kind of deceit or attempts to mislead or undermine the faith and trust of other members.
  • New accounts are prohibited from posting in inactive threads. Violators will be banned immediately.
The spirit of this forum is one of curiosity, respect and friendly, productive participation. We are exploring a fascinating field where science meets art and there are many things we are capable of perceiving which we still don't know the mechanisms behind.

The language on this forum is English.
Threads are occasionally cleaned up in order for the shared knowledge to be accessible later on.


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