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Re: General Discussion about Källa

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Spannko wrote: 2022-01-13 22:45 I don’t know how to ask/describe this properly, so Is Apple’s AirPlay link between the Källa and the WAP a link/no link type of connection or something on a weak link/strong link continuum? Im wondering if a link/no link connection would always sound the same or if a weak link/strong link connection would have an effect on Källa’s sound quality if the link wasn’t so good.
All connections are TCP/IP so they can really not be compared to either FM or DAB which are broadcast.

In your example it would be the "link/no link" scenario. Either your Control Point has a connection or not. If the signal to your wifi router goes too weak, the control point will lose network access and the music stops.

The wifi signal quality does not seem to have a major effect on the audio performance of Källa in my limited testing. As long as it is strong enough to handle the bandwidth required to stream from Spotify (or whatever service you are using) and then send it on to Källa, then it works and sounds great. If the wifi signal gets too weak, the first problem will be that the buffers run out and you get audio drop-outs. When the wifi signal is completely lost, the audio stops completely.

This is surely a topic that could need further testing. Perhaps recording clips of when the wifi signal on the Control point is strong and weak to compare. I live in a small apartment with very good wifi coverage, so it would never happen to me in real life scenarios.

I would recommend to have a strong wifi connection where your control point is located to avoid audio dropouts.
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Re: General Discussion about Källa

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That’s great. Thanks jajo, I thought (hoped!) that might be the case.
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