HAKAI - for sale

A DIY digital music streamer with exceptional performance

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HAKAI - for sale

Post by woodlands » 2019-06-08 10:06

HAKAI is a high-end digital network music streamer with exceptional performance. One where you can build yourself – well you know that already. Here we have all the ingredients for perfect audiophile sound.
The HAKAI music streamer is constructed to an exacting recipe of selected components …...namely

Case: Streacom F1CWS Evo (Black case)
Power Supply: Streacom Nano160 fanless power supply with standard power cable
Motherboard: GA-N3160N-D3V
SSD (1): Intel 320 300GB
SSD (2): Samsung 500GB with 280GB occupied with flac music !
SSD Cables : Deltaco SATA-1000 (x2)
DAC: ESI Gigaport+
USB cable to DAC: Supra USB A - USB Mini-B, 1 m USB cable
Streamer software: Volumio or Snakeoil (you choose which you want installed)

Some of these parts are a challenge to find and in all cases these parts are new for the project.

I have built and commissioned as a complete spare, but I realise just not needed now so offered for sale at £800 all inclusive ( delivery to all UK and Ireland included).
I also tried to build others with unprescribed parts and realized there is an impact
These are really brilliant, and performance is much better than any £2k+ streamers I have heard
Loving their transparency and detail as well as music making ! - amazing what they can do.
I’m about 20 hours in, so still a way to go before it sounds its best.

Extra's you may need (if you don't already have them) are the special power cable, and if you want to use a NAS drive rather then on-board storage the Ethernet cable(s) , and the Ethernet switch.

Here is the link to the original forum entry (and recipe)
https://www.lejonklou.com/forum/viewtop ... 86a9f3076b

Any Q's please ask.

Some photo's of what is offered in the photo's
small hakai 2.jpg
small hakai 2.jpg (186.51 KiB) Viewed 3061 times
small hakai 5.jpg
small hakai 5.jpg (157.05 KiB) Viewed 3061 times
small hakai 1.jpg
small hakai 1.jpg (142.44 KiB) Viewed 3061 times

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Re: HAKAI - for sale

Post by Lego » 2019-06-09 13:50

That's very interesting, does it come with a 2 year warranty?
I know that tune

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