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Lejonklou North American power cords

Post by lejonklou » 2020-02-14 00:29

Regarding the North American power cords on my products, there are a couple of variants. I'll go through them here as Ron The Mon asked about them in the Playground thread.

1. The bigger cases that come with a detachable power cord were supplied with a Volex/Ta Hsing for quite a while. The cable (Ta Hsing) is oriented in the best sounding direction and I believe it's one of the most musical cords out there. I haven't yet compared it to number 2 below.

2. Recently (late 2019) I found a new version of this cord, with a Volex cable. This we can call the Volex/Volex cord. I have been told that Volex bought Ta Hsing (can't confirm whether that's correct) and therefore it might be the same as the above mentioned Volex/Ta Hsing (1), but the name on the cable now says Volex. Again, the direction of the cable is the best on these cords. This is the cord that Thomas has posted clips on and that he's now supplying. Apparently the best sounding North American power cord to date.

The phono stages have cords that are non removable, soldered directly to the power supply inside the case (a performance enhancing feature).

3. Entity has a Volex/Volex cord, but it's in fact not the same as the detachable Volex/Volex, because the plug differs. This plug is actually the best of all, but it's only available on this cord set without a connector. Therefore it's perfectly suited for my phono stages. The cable is also in the best sounding direction.
Adding a loose connector to this power cord doesn't sound good - been there, tried it, got the T-shirt and gave up - so for detachable use, number 2 above is the best.

4. Slipsik 7.1 was mainly used with a cord like number 3 above, but with a Ta Hsing cable. The ones currently being made will have a Volex cable - exactly the number 3 used on Entity. I'm not sure whether they differ in performance. Cable direction is the best one on both.

5. Gaio 2.4 uses the same cable as number 3 above, with the Ta Hsing cable in optimal direction. In the past on Gaio 1's, there may have been another cable brand, I am unsure. But the plug is the very best Volex one as used on number 3 and 4 - well, on all non detachable cords.

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