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Re: SINGularity

Post by ThomasOK » 2019-06-25 20:05

Yes, this is one of those interesting discoveries. When the Radikal first came out, before it had the Dynamik and before I developed torques for it, I did a couple of quick listens to it with and without the Urika hooked up and felt it sounded a touch better with the Urika connected to the power supply. I also felt at the time that it all sounded better with a single Radikal PS rather than two. However, I didn't do a lot of listening and it was mostly just on my setup station at the store. It may surprise a lot of people but the test bench system consists of a $300 pair of Paradigm bookshelf speakers sitting on the counter driven by a 50 watt NAD integrated amp and a Rega Fono Mini MM phono stage. For those wondering that totals up to about $1100US including cables. There is also a basic CD player connected, an inexpensive Denon for quick testing of speakers, etc. Despite the basic nature of this system I have used it in the development of most of the hundreds of turntable related torques I have. Small differences in musical quality are still clearly audible on the system.

Back on topic, we did hook up the Urika as a load at the Axpona show after a very brief A/B left us all thinking it made an improvement. This is why Fredrik started experimenting with dummy loads. But as he noted he found that all the loads, and the Urika itself, actually made things less musical. He relayed this info to me a little while ago. Since I haven't sold my Urika yet I unpacked it and set it behind one of my racks so that I could easily connect and disconnect it from my Klimax Radikal. I did a comparison this weekend with my friend Simon and we both felt that the system was more musical with the Urika unplugged, and Simon was unaware of which was which. We found it sounded a bit sluggish and compressed with the Urika drawing power from the Radikal. In the end it makes me happy that I don't need to hang on to a $3500 phono stage to act as a dummy load.
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Re: SINGularity

Post by nmakowsk » 2019-08-05 16:58

Great finding about the urika MC load. One thing I have always wondered about are those small push in/push out switches on the Radikal box. There are either one or two of these and I have wondered if they affect performance or not. Has anyone tested an optimal setting for these to be in? Maybe it makes no difference but then some folks are excellent at sorting out small fine details such as washers in casework feet...:)
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