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by vicdiaz
2008-01-07 04:59
Forum: Me and My system
Topic: How many "K´s" do you have?
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K's the name!

Sondek (LP12)
by vicdiaz
2007-02-17 19:33
Forum: HiFi
Topic: Good portable music. Are there any options out there?
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Thanks for the tips, Linnofil. I have thought a few days about the portable issue. A few years back I was tempted to release a portable headphone amp, but when I had a look at the market it was already flooded with different models so I concentrated on making the first MM-stage for the Exotik inste...
by vicdiaz
2007-02-17 15:54
Forum: HiFi
Topic: Keel, Ekos SE and Trampolin II
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Thursday nite I had the opportunity to finally listen a Keel'd LP12 with both the new Ekos SE and Trampolinn. Compared to a non-Keel'd LP12/Ekos2/Akiva, music flows a lot easier, tunes are easier to follow, and in hi-fi terms, the noise floor is a lot lower. One funny thing is that it also sounder l...