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by Elston
2019-09-23 07:26
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Topic: Linn AV5125/D
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Linn AV5125/D


I'm looking for an AV5125 with Dynamik. Black or silver, it doesn't matter as I have a spare sleeve.

If anyone's selling, or thinking of selling one, please let me know - I'm in the UK by the way.

Many thanks.

by Elston
2013-02-13 20:21
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I'm Interested...


I'm very interested in your black AV5125. Four questions:

1) Can I see some photos,

2) Is there any flexibility in the price as,

3) I live in the UK and may have to pay import duty

4) How much would it cost to ship to the UK?

You can PM me for my email address.