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by kali
2018-12-09 17:36
Forum: Lejonklou
Topic: European power strip
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Re: European power strip

The video is about perfect pitch. I think he has also done one about relative pitch, which can be learnt as an adult and is more relevant for undertaking tune dems. I do not believe that an absolute or relative hearing is relevant or particularly helpful for tune dem. Since I have no golden ears, I...
by kali
2018-10-10 15:36
Forum: For Sale
Topic: Linn Sizmik 10.5
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Re: Linn Sizmik 10.5

Which color has the Sizmik?
by kali
2018-10-05 22:59
Forum: Me and My system
Topic: Does anyone listen to Linn Radio?
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Re: Does anyone listen to Linn Radio?

No, not anymore. My favorits are Audiophile Jazz and Audiophile Lounge, streaming with 320 Kbps, from Audiophile Audition Greece
They stream Baroque, Classical, Rock-Blues and Xtreme as well with 320 Kbps.